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Dragon Hunt
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Dragon Hunt
Publisher: Michael LaBossiere
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 08/30/2013 10:06:00

A classic adventure of a village beset by a red dragon demanding tribute with menaces, which has already returned the charred skulls of the last lot of adventurers to try to make rid of him... with a cunning backstory that will prove quite a surprise when all is discovered!

The village magistrate is getting desperate and sends an emissary out to search for more adventurers, which is how the party gets involved. They are enticed with the promise of directions to a tomb where some dragon-slaying weapons are cached - left from the foundation of the village when then, too, it was threatened by a marauding dragon - as well as the dragon's own horde.

From there, things seem obvious. Visit the tomb and then take on the dragon in its lair... or wait until it comes round to collect its tribute. Locations are well-described, with all stat blocks and other information you need at your fingertips. For those who use it, a Hero Lab file can be downloaded via a link to GoogleDocs.

Map support is good too, with full-colour maps of the surrounding area (in both player and GM versions), the tomb above and below ground, and the dragon's layer.

It all sounds deceptively simple... but there is more than meets the eye!

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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