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Tomb of the Overfiend Pay What You Want
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Tomb of the Overfiend
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Tomb of the Overfiend
Publisher: Robertson Games
by Kai P. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 03/25/2016 09:14:54

So, what do we have in this one-page-thing? A good looking, hand-drawn map depicting an eight-room dungeon that is in the style of a tomb of ancient egypt. I say “style” here, because the ten encounter areas it features (yes, eight rooms and ten areas…there are corridors, you know?) make it clear this “tomb” (or better: prison) was build by somebody or something that has access to some weird scifi technology. Besides combat with strange monsters, the dungeon although includes traps and a puzzle, and thereby has everything a dungeon is meant to have. What the module does not come with is a plot, narative or a motivation. You have the tomb, you have the overfiend inside, you have a bit of scifi-egypt-dressing to it, but that´s it.

But, that is all it HAS to have! It is a one-page-dungeon on a pay-what-you-want basis, that comes with a charming looking hand-drawn map. It includes combat, traps, puzzles and an interesting location/scheme: everything a dungeon crawl needs. Is it easy to adapt to a different OSR game? I would say, yes it is. Don´t get me wrong, the stats I read did not made any sense to me, but the opponents and encounters are having enough of a description to figure out how to handle them, unless you have no experience in being a GM.

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