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The Djinn of the Deep (AEther)
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The Djinn of the Deep (AEther)
Publisher: Silver Gryphon Games
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 08/04/2013 11:52:42

Born out of an idea spawned by the mere thought of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, this is one wild ride of an adventure. It's set in 1923 with a bunch of pirate characters... and this is 1923, for God’s sake, not 1523. There’s no such thing as a sea monster.

Designed as a one-off, there is a neat concept in that part-pre-generated characters are provided, with ample scope for quick customisation to suit each player's preferred concept. A lot of it is about atmosphere, with superstitious villains surviving on what they can steal... a mix of rogues from the four corners of the globe making the Arabian Sea less than safe for those who go about their lawful business in those waters.

Once the characters and their resources are sorted, there is a wild collection of facts, legends and rumours to get your head around... and a few truths best kept from the players, for now. And then their next target hoves in sight and the chase is on!

Needless to say, nothing is quite what it seems... and there is plenty for the characters to fight, investigate or otherwise interact with. This is the sort of adventure you read half-way through and start cursing that you've read it because it would be fun to play... it's just as well that I get as much fun GMing as playing! And if you can say 'out of the frying pan into the fire' you are going to have to say it twice.

If - and it is an if - the characters survive, this could be the starting point for a wild ride of a campaign, but it's real intent is as a stand-alone adventure that will live on in the memory of all who share it. There is an interesting set of notes for the GM (Narrator) with good advice on running this style of adventure as well as on the adventure itself, whilst the GM will find that everything needed is scattered throughout the text so it is there when you want it.

Put it this way, I am about to ring round my friends to see who'd like a game tonight...

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