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Starships Book II000 : Commercial Liner $0.73
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Starships Book II000 : Commercial Liner
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Starships Book II000 : Commercial Liner
Publisher: Christian Hollnbuchner
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 07/04/2013 08:48:38

Interestingly, this product describes somewhat of a failed ship design - an unarmed mixed passenger/cargo transport with underpowered Jump drives and expensive streamlining. Apparently this has made it unpopular, so if you are prepared to put up with these shortcomings you may find a bargain or two at the used starship lot!

Background text, full stats and a selection of Hollnbuchner's glorious sketches as well as more conventional deck plans present the full picture of a ship that basically hasn't decided what it is and so doesn't do anything particularly well!

Best place for these is operating in a small cluster where systems are close together, or even using it in-system if there's more than one habitable world. Or, as the text suggests, ripping out the passenger cabins and replacing them with low berths - pack 'em in with a low unit fare but enough of them to make some money!

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