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The Blue Book 2016
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The Blue Book 2016
Publisher: 0one Games
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 09/24/2014 11:23:02

It would be easy to dismiss this as advertising fluff, and in a way it is... however it is actually a very useful overview of the near one hundred mapsets released in the Blueprints line by 0one Games. However many of them you already have or if you are looking for just the right map for an adventure you have written, this will enable you to browse what there is and decide if any will meet your needs.

The Blueprints are categorised by the various series that have developed over time, and also - perhaps of more use - by the sort of terrain or buildings they include. So if you need, say, a lighthouse, there are four products that might suit your requirements - and with 0one's customary mastery of PDF technology each is hyperlinked so you do not have to search for them through the entire book.

Each one is treated to a full page description which includes bibliographic details, an outline of the contents and suggestions as to what you might do with it, all illustrated with a portion of the maps themselves to give you the flavour of each one.

A very useful summary - and one I could have used when building pages on RPG Resource about the various products in this range!

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