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Story Mechanics: Incremental Antimagic
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Story Mechanics: Incremental Antimagic
Publisher: Interjection Games
by Ben B. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 05/07/2015 18:39:52

I got this back when it cost money. It was a good purchase then, but it is great now that it is free. This supplement comes it at four pages, including the cover and OGL, leaving us with two pages of content. Aside from the cover, there is no visual artwork; just tightly-packed crunch.
Anti-magic fields can be difficult to handle well in the d20 system. Once an AMF turns on, magic jumps from being super powerful at everything to being completely nonfunctional. There is no middle ground. This supplement corrects the all-or-nothing nature of AMFs. There are three separate mechanics, each of which can adjust the power of magic in an area: Difficulty (to use a spell), Consequences, and Radius. Difficulty refers to a check required to overcome the effects of an AMF (the ‘traditional’ AMF in the game’s core rules has an infinite DC). Radius is self-explanatory. Consequences has four mechanics for altering the effects of magic: Chaotic magic, Delayed magic, Eliminated magic, and Hindered magic.
Afterwards, there is a sample golem which emits a Hindering anti-magic field.
Short Term Use: Incremental Antimagic can be added in to an encounter or monster statblock without much work, and can produce interesting encounters or traps. And, it’s free. 5/5 Long Term Use: The system presented is robust enough to handle a wide range of situations, while simple enough to use easily. It’s really short, but you can keep mixing these effects into encounters for as long as you are running the d20 system. For a free product, this is an easy 5/5.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Story Mechanics: Incremental Antimagic
Publisher: Interjection Games
by Nathan C. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 05/31/2013 10:06:44

Playing D&D sometimes feels like a battle between players attempting to avoid railroads, the Dungeon Master trying to carefully mask them, and the system ramming them down your throat. Interjection Games Story Mechanics: Incremental Antimagic provides a creative idea to at least avoid one of Pathfinders built-in railroads, antimagic.

Why This Book IS Iron If you are like me, you hate definite in your role playing game. One definite that has proven time and time again to be a definite, railroad and deux ex machine to neuter spellcasters is the use of antimagic. Whether it’s a golem or a field, the dreaded antimagic ability turns the parties wizard into a subpar archer. Incremental Magic rewrites the rules of antimagic by allowing the layer to make rolls to battle the antimagic. The system could have easily included this and would have been great, but the good writers at Incremental Games goes the extra step of including four different types of antimagic. The subsystems include suggested uses and covers a variety of situations where antimagic may come into play.

Why This Book is NOT Iron I understand the need to keep the PDF short, but it feels too brief. The Chaotic hindering deserves some more pampering as a chaotic chart would have really benefited. I also wished that the NPC included was a simple traditional Iron Golem, to show how versatile the system is.

The Iron Word Kudos to Incremental Games for making Antimagic a fun feature to toss into the game again. The four alterations to Antimagic are simple and provide a lot more player interaction to the current system.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
That's Interjection Games, sir :P Thanks, though!
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