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Fantasy Maps: Lighthouse and Dock Map Pack $2.99
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Fantasy Maps: Lighthouse and Dock Map Pack
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Fantasy Maps: Lighthouse and Dock Map Pack
Publisher: D20 Cartographer
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 06/14/2013 11:47:43

Should you ever have a shore-based adventure, you may find this beautiful lighthouse and dock of use... or if you're like me, you may start having plot ideas just looking at it!

It's quite simple: a short stretch of shore-line with a five-level lighthouse and a jetty beside it. It is however beautifully-drawn and comes in a selection of useful forms including multiple sheets to print and stick together, individual pages for each level of the lighthouse and a massive spread for those using virtual table tops. These are supplied in PDF and JPEG format, with greyscale and colour versions with and without a grid: pick what you want and have at it.

The lighthouse has plenty of scope for adventure. Each level is well-detailed, with living space shown from a ground floor bedroom to sitting areas and storage further up - and a cosy chair for the lighthouse-keeper high up where he can get a good view, not to mention the light itself at the top and what must be the mechanism to make it rotate running down the middle of the tower.

Unusual, perhaps, and you may not have much of a reason to visit (except the excellent one of having a nice map!) but there must be lighthouses dotted around the coasts of your campaign world - unless there are a lot of shipwrecks - so I'm sure it will come in useful.

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