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Inhabitants of the Woods: Elves (Legend) $2.50
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Inhabitants of the Woods: Elves (Legend)
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Inhabitants of the Woods: Elves (Legend)
Publisher: Solace Games
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 04/08/2013 11:07:26

The product, Solace Games's first for the Legend RPG, is a collection of fascinating ideas and resources that will come in useful when including woodland adventures or indeed elves in your campaign.

First up are some general rules for use in forests. Things like line of sight, survival in a forest environment, perception, stealth and tracking are covered, with separate notes distingusihing between lightly and heavily wooded areas - as anyone who's spent much time in the woods can attest, how dense a woodland is can influence things like how far you can see and how well you can track.

We then meet - in considerable detail - three sub-types of elf. These are grass elves, savage elves and tree elves. The tree elves are the commonly-held ideal of rather wild and reclusive beings who live deep in woodland, whilst the grass elves prefer open plains and lightly-wooded areas, moving into deeper forests only when threatened... and being said to burrow underground rather than live up a tree! Savage elves are actually as civilised as anyone else, although more inclined to be militant and given to such heresies as chopping down trees to build their homes! Each of the three elf types is described in sufficient detail, including game mechanics, to run one as a player-character or to make a tribe of that type a major influence in your game world with potent NPCs easy to design.

Next is a section on equipment, armour and weapons, providing some interesting items made and used by elves. Watch out for elven bows: sought-after by many archers whatever their heritage! There are also some spells and then extensive details of new cults and factions popular amongst elves. Perhaps you will be seranaded by a member of the Grass Singers, counted amongst the most cultured and peaceful members of the community. Or you may run foul of the Nature's Wardens, tree elves who enforce firm environmental standards, or meet the sorcerous tree elves of the Order of the Tree who believe that magic and forests are inextricably intertwined... and there are several other groups as well.

All in all, if elves and their traditions are to play a role in your game, this is worth a look to gain new insight and ideas into what elves do and believe.

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