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Amazing Races: Dhampir! $1.00
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Amazing Races: Dhampir!
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Amazing Races: Dhampir!
Publisher: Fat Goblin Games
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 03/30/2013 11:38:08

If you delight in playing a dhampir (or want to make NPC ones more interesting) you will find some useful odds and ends here. They are all rooted in tradition, the various legends that are told about vampires and their ilk, and fit well if you have a 'traditional' approach to such beings in your game.

We start off with three feats: Blood Stalker, Deathsight and Unholy Toughness. These grant the ability to track a creature whose blood you have drunk, see undead and withstand more damage than usual... all abilities which have been recorded in legend about vampires.

Next the character traits. Four are presented: Desecrated Birth, Horrific Sire, Left for Dead and Morbid Curiosity. Being born under the auspices of evil apparently gives you greater resistance to spells tagged as 'good' so make the most of it. Your sire may not have technically been horrific, but if you choose this trait you are able to access appropriate abilities of whatever race he did come from as if you were one of them. Left for Dead is rather fun - if as a youngster they thought something wasn't quite right and abandoned you, you may have been raised by creatures of the night (wolves or bats for example) and so have a special relationship with them - again something common in vampire tales. Morbid Curiousity allows you to study an opponent and work out where to apply that coup-de-grace you're itching to give him.

We also have three racial traits. Bloodhunter lets you track creatures who are bleeding or have suffered constitution damage. Again like the stories, Climber makes you very good at, well, climbing; and Shadowless means what it says: you do not cast a shadow.

Finally there's a racial archetype, the Pale Rider, who is a gunslinger with sort of Hellrider aspects and - if you play a game that allows gunslingers - could be rather fun to play.

Well rooted in tradition concepts, this is a useful addition to the options open to dhampirs.

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