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[PFRPG] Dragon Body Parts & Equipment $1.25
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[PFRPG] Dragon Body Parts & Equipment
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[PFRPG] Dragon Body Parts & Equipment
Publisher: Ennead Games
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 03/18/2013 09:44:17

Back in 1983, a dungeon rang with song: "What shall we do with a drunken dragon?" as we'd managed to kill one off, a black one as I recall, and were wondering what to do with it...

Herein perhaps I shall find the answers, even if that black dragon is long since roasted and eaten. The work details all the parts of a dragon, their value and possible uses. Apart from featuring on the party's menu, the skull might make a trophy, the hide as armour or boots, other parts may serve as spell components, jewellry or even aphrodesiacs (I'll leave you to imagine which bits!). Let nothing go to waste.

However, it's not quite that easy. Once you have decided which bits to collect, you have to butcher the dragon, extract the chosen bits and then get them safely to wherever you plan to sell or otherwise use them. You may also wish to have a chance that parts were damaged during combat - well, the dragon is dead and it's unlikely it died of fright when the party arrived, so there may well be battle damage. And of course, if you're clumsy, you might damage bits even as you try to harvest them. Even if you are taking care you might encounter all manner of problems - trapped gas, for example, or a parasite which realises that its host is no more and it had better find a new one.

The second part of this work looks at equipment that might be useful if you are fighting dragons, or which can be manufactured from their remains. Specialist arrows, harvesting tools (what? You went hunting dragons on purpose, for the express reason of bringing back dragon parts? Why not, indeed!), preservative chemicals... and the equipment that the best-dressed dragon might itself have: talon covers, prosthetic scales and so on.

And then, back to roast dragon. Or at least some recipes for choice dragon parts, for the ultimate dungeon feast, or for when you haul that mound of dragon-meat back to town and sell it to some enterprising inn-keeper. Blood pudding, dragon haggis, dragon-fat fried potatoes, dragon liver soup and more (om nom nom) plus a few drinks into the bargain.

Finally there's a handful of plot hooks involving the potentials of dragon-hunting for pleasure and more importantly profit. Fruit for a few adventures there, and overall a product redolent of ideas...

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