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Peacekeepers: Savage Worlds edition
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Peacekeepers: Savage Worlds edition
Publisher: GRAmel
by Jason C. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 03/04/2018 13:45:03

A friend suggested I post some reviews of some underappreciated and under-rated material for GM's Day this year, so here's the Savage Worlds edition of Peacekeepers. Although it has some flaws (see below) it also has an interesting take on the "villains save the world" scenario that we have seen in other comic book RPGs for some time, including the Savage Worlds Necessary Evil campaign. As in those other campaigns, an existential threat arises from space, and former villains and heroes must put aside their differences to save the Earth.

However, Peacekeepers brings some unique elements to the table: the "lead" villain who put a crimp in the alien's attack plans is, unknowingly, a robot created by a mad scientist, who serves as her "science advisor". Her past isn't actually mysterious - it's just missing. Since one of the elements of a story of this kind is learning about the backgrounds and being paranoid about the true intentions of your comrades-in-arms, this information is extremely well-suited to this kind of scenario. Plus, I'm a sucker for any T.O. Morrow references I can work into my game.

The alien invasion is for a very good reason - a mysterious ane extremely powerful artifact which the aliens revere as a religious item. The aliens themselves are revered by a cult of collaborators here on Earth, a different type of quisling that we don't normally see. All in all, it's a unique setup. There's some attention to a supporting cast (the American President, the characters' "voice in the headset lady") which is extremely practical and ties in well to the concepts of the setting.

The flaws in Peacekeepers fall where it fails to embrace its identity. There's a superheroic adventure generator section which doesn't advance the core questions of the setting at all - it's just a regular superhero scenario maker. Fine for what it is, but not interesting in the context of Peacekeepers. Similarly, the scenarios offered don't really connect to the core conflict of the world at all. They're just regular superhero scenarios. I guess that's fine, but it raises questions about why we're doing these things when an existential threat still looms. The villains and heroes similarly don't really fit in. Finally, although the game raises ideas about what might happen in other parts of the world than the typical "Big American City" of superhero comics, there's very little detail given to them, which often lends itself to stereotypes. Better to use that space to detail how to research and come up with interesting and compelling scenarios on my own in those areas, if you can't fit all the details in.

Overall, Peacekeepers is worth checking out for the information about its core conflict, including many unique ideas you can use in your own superheroes-in-trouble campaign!

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