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Inn on the Bridge
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Inn on the Bridge
Publisher: Candarin Fall Productions
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 03/07/2013 04:42:03

This is a delightful product, an original inn presented in considerable graphic detail all ready to be dropped in as appropriate to your campaign world. All you need to find is a bridge substatial enough to add the inn as a bridge pier extension.

Travellers can access the inn from off of the bridge or by mooring at a landing stage. Then you have various ways of presenting it to your players. There's a glorious sketch of what it looks like to show them, or you can show plan views - either as a single sheet floorplan or as a miniatures-scale battlemat (should someone order milk...).

The plan views are provided in both GM and 'player-friendly' versions, the latter with anything they have to discover rather than see at a glance removed. A nice touch is that the fall of light from ground floor windows is shown, neat for those who like sneaking around unobserved. There's plenty of space for the GM's own notes about the place, but of the 'print out and write' variety, no facility to make notes electronically.

The drawings are all clear and neat, nicely-coloured and ready to use. The inn comes complete with a cellar, stables, and an upper floor with several bedrooms available for rent. There's also one room which strangely contains only a plant in a pot. There's a good kitchen area and plenty of storage space behind the bar, and plenty of doors - enough to stage a classic farce!

This is the kind of map that cries out for an adventure to be written around the place it portrays. Maybe I will once I've finished the review...

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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