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Pro RPG Audio: Mad Scientist's Lab $0.99
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Pro RPG Audio: Mad Scientist\'s Lab
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Pro RPG Audio: Mad Scientist's Lab
Publisher: Plate Mail Games
by Scott R. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 03/11/2013 11:49:58

I happened to come across these MP3 backgrounds while hunting through RPGNow, and found one that seemed ideal for my upcoming game. I have my Pathfinder group investigating a steampunk golem creator, so I bought the "Mad Scientist's Lab" audio to play in the background of the creepy investigation scene. All I can say is that this was well worth the $1.50. It really helped set the mood (along with the lights dimmed), and even my players who normally can't stop joking were paying more attention and getting into it. The audio is really well done with lots of layers and subtelty, but at the same time it doesn't get in the way with swelling music at odd points or anything like that. Just set the file to loop and leave it alone. The Lab has bubbling sounds, arcing electricity, odd ticking sounds, and more. You can use it for any kind of game involving a weird laboratory setting whether it's fantasy/steampunk like mine or modern horror, futuristic setting, etc. Highly recommended.

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