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Adventure in a Con - The Eater\'s Tower
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Adventure in a Con - The Eater's Tower
Publisher: Silver Gryphon Games
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 02/28/2013 03:10:01

To start with, the design premise is intriguing: an adventure based on random rolls designed pretty much on the fly during the course of a convention. Having actually done this, albeit in a much less structured way, I can tell you it means the game master doesn't get much sleep until the adventure has been run!

Using a loose interpretation of the Æther core ruleset, modified to suit the setting chosen for this adventure, the situation is quite simple. A wild wood in Romania, around 450AD (but in an alternate history that provides for somewhat more advanced technology) is the home of an Eater, a deranged human being whose powers derive from certain unpleasant dietary habits. Naturally locals give his tower a wide berth, but for various reasons - wolves, bandits and lawmen being on their trail - the party find themselves in the area and likely short of resources...

What is provided here is more of a framework than a complete adventure. There are notes on character generation, and how the Æther system is tweaked for this setting. There are some thoughts on what the party is doing there, and how they might interact with each other as well as with other inhabitants of the forest. There are game stats for wolves and bandits, along with suggestions as how to use them. Finally, there's a plan and quite detailed room-by-room descriptions of the tower which, it is assumed, the characters will end up investigating. Now it's over to you, pick up these pieces and run with them.

This is suited to the GM who likes one-off adventures and who is quite comfortable winging it rather than having everything planned in advance; and for a group which enjoys such a session should prove enjoyable - perhaps as a welcome break from a long campaign, or when nobody has time to prepare an adventure. The underlying concept is fun and may well prove an interesting exercise at a convention, something a bit different from merely signing up to play in an adventure that sounds interesting or that is a system you want to try out.

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