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Medieval Harbour Maps - Fantasy Floorplans $2.99
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Medieval Harbour Maps - Fantasy Floorplans
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Medieval Harbour Maps - Fantasy Floorplans
Publisher: Dreamworlds
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 02/24/2013 10:21:45

This is an excellent and very realistic mediaeval fishing village to drop complete into a suitable location in your campaign world. It's clearly based on existing real-world villages and old maps, always a good source of inspiration in designing fantasy settings (along with a good working knowledge of archaeology) as these give an air of authenticity as most fantasy worlds are basically mediaeval in style.

But it's a lot more than a map. There is a full-page map of the entire village and four further maps showing each part in greater detail. The detail maps are labelled with who lives where, and the accompanying text tells you quite a bit more about their inhabitants - but in general terms, so you can tweak them to suit your particular world. No names are given, so if you are not good at coming up with names find one of the many good 'lists of names' products available elsewhere on this site to inspire you.

There is also some background to the village as a whole, describing the local landowner (the lord of the manor) and his relationship with the other inhabitatants. Again, just the right level of detail, sufficient to add a realistic flavour, but not a straitjacket that inhibits your adding whatever is needed to suit your campaign setting or the particular plot elements that will bring the characters to this village. The feeling that it's a real village and life goes on here irrespective of whether or not any adventurers might happen by is strong, and this adds to the realism. An excellent piece of work!

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