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100 Organization and Group Names
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100 Organization and Group Names
Publisher: Ennead Games
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 02/06/2013 04:58:30

What's in a name?

In real mediaeval society, there were lots of organisations and groups, people who banded together for various purposes: social, trade-related, religious, for doing good works... or for getting up to no good! If, like many of us, you run the fantasy society of your campaign world as a quasi-mediaeval one, you really ought to add such groups to at least the background of society, and they can prove a potent source of adventure especially if you like urban adventures (most of these organisations were town-based) or intrigues as well as dungeon-crawls. Heck, even a dungeon-crawl might be sponsored by one of these groups to further their objectives.

This product just contains an hundred names. If you have an organisation in mind but struggle to name it, roll your dice or pick one which appeals. Or just select a few and say that they exist in a given location. You can come up with details of membership and aims as and when needed.

Or perhaps, if you're like me, reading through the list starts to suggest ideas for adventure. Who are the Circle of the Azure Lion, for example? Younger sons of the nobility who hang out practising swordplay, drinking too much and causing trouble? Or an organised network of merchant venturers establishing links between kingdoms for mutual profit, often forming alliances at odds with national policy? Or something else entirely? Up to you, have fun!

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