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Mythender Roleplaying Game
Publisher: Ryan Macklin
by Ben H. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 02/01/2013 14:10:33

I was lucky enough to play a couple of playtest games during the five and a half years this game's been floating around in Ryan Macklin's head. This game takes high-fantasy tropes, cranks the volume to 11 and keeps it there. Not for the faint of heart, but a rollicking good time in the right hands.

In a nutshell, you play as mortals who, for various reasons, have been touched by divine power. And what better way to use that power than kick some God ass? Because these are your old school Gods. The ones that destroy entire towns because one person in them mildly annoyed them. They need killing and the only one's that can stop them are you. The catch? You need to use that divine power to take them down. And the more you use that power, the stronger it (and by extension, you) become. Which makes God killing that much easier. But use it too much and you ascend, coming to represent all you've fought against. How do you hold onto your fading humanity? But more importantly, how long can you: Kick Ass. Erase Names?

The cons: Power-grabbing players are going to ascend quickly, unless they grasp the mechanics of shedding excess power. This could lead to some very mayfly-like characters. So some characters might have less of a playable lifespan than a Call of Cthulhu character. Though that might have also been an artifact of the nature of one-off playtest games. If you're never going to see the character again - why not grab all the power you can? Who cares if the character ascends at the end of the game? Not like you'll ever play them again, right? Also, the game seems more suited for fun one-offs or sporadic games, rather than an on-going campaign - though this might be addressed in the full ruleset (or in one of the promised bits of future content).

The pros: It's a good time. Crazy, epic-level stuff done right. There's the promise of future content (for example, new settings beyond the Viking-esque Norden). The game is very hack friendly (one of my fellow playtesters has been talking about hacking it into a starship combat system as a possible graft-on to other sci-fis games with less than stellar ship combat systems). And come-on, it's free (thanks to the Random Kindness backers). So what do you have to lose? A few megs of drive space?

If you try it and like it, check for playaids and sheets.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Mythender Roleplaying Game
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