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INN-Teriors 5: The Jilted Rose

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INN-Teriors 5: The Jilted Rose
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INN-Teriors 5: The Jilted Rose
Publisher: Scrying Eye Games
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 01/17/2013 10:27:46

This mapset presents a quite varied and interesting tavern, which can provide considerable scope for your game. Most of it is open-plan on a single level, but there are several features that take it beyond a big room for drinking (and brawling) in.

Two main entraces both lead into the main drinking area, furnished with a bar and several tables with benches. There's a nice big fireplace, and some bar stools for those who want to belly up to the bar rather than sit at a table. Next to the drinking area there is a performance area with a proper stage and benches for the audience, and a backstage area that gives plenty of space for actors or bards to relax before a show.

Whilst most of the place is open-plan, there are some private rooms. Two square ones are furnished with heaps of cushions, oriental style, and one contains a long table with chairs around it, suitable for business meetings and similar discussions. Another exit is behind these rooms, so you do not have to walk through more public areas to reach them if you'd rather not be seen!

The final feature on the large ground floor is not one but two large multi-seat rest rooms, which are situated between the main tap room and the private rooms. Whilst that particular need is catered for, there are no facilities for staff - no break room, office or kitchen. This is a place for drinking and entertainment, it seems.

Further plans are provided for a stable block and a small cellar which is, we are told, under the stage.

Everything is clearly-drawn and well-detailed. Inns are always useful, as a GM I reckon I cannot have too many different inn plans tucked away - there are not many chain outlets in your average fantasy world after all! - but this is a nice distinctive one that may well become a favourite watering hole for your characters.

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