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Tabletop Gaming Guide to the: Roman Legions $5.00
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Tabletop Gaming Guide to the: Roman Legions
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Tabletop Gaming Guide to the: Roman Legions
Publisher: Mystical Throne Entertainment
by Mr P. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 08/31/2021 18:08:11

I really like the Ultimate Roman Legions Guide (URLG). It is a concise and informative book for gaming in the Principate area of the Roman Empire. It includes a brief military history of the period, notable personages, discussions of weapons and armor, units, ranks, tactics, sample characters, a short adventure and more. I would gladly give the URLG a 5 rating except for two issues.

Page 11 briefly discusses the units that make up a Roman legion. The discussion of the maniple states that each maniple contained hastati, principes and triarii. This is actually not true. A maniple consisted of only one type of troop. The organization expressed in the text is actually describes a full mid-Republic legion in miniature.

The second issue is the discussion of Legion tactics on page 15. The text gives a concise and correct explanation of manipular tactics. However, manipular tactics had given way to cohortal tactics by the time of the Principate, the era covered by the book. Manipular tactics faded away through the mid to late 2nd century B.C. The maniple as the main tactical unit was replaced by the cohort. This was complete by the time of the Marian reforms at the end of the 2nd century B.C.

So, as much as I like this book and think it would be very helpful to Savage Worlds players, I can't give it a five star rating because of two errors mentioned above.

Edit: 8/31/21 This is late in coming but I am happy to say that the author revised this book and corrected the errors I mentioned above. I can now wholeheartedly rate it 5 stars.

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