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D-Percent - Indian Names
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D-Percent - Indian Names
Publisher: Black Falcon Games LLC
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 01/13/2013 09:36:41

Should you have need for an Indian name - that's sub-continental Indian, not the Native American kind - this might well be an invaluable resource as few are commonly known outwith that particular heritage.

They are provided as three lists - 100 male forenames, 100 female forenames and 100 last names - which makes it easy to generate complete names, either by rolling dice or by picking the ones that sound right to you for the character or NPC you have in mind.

It's just as well they tell you which is which... apparently 'Parvin' is a girl's name (I'd have thought it male) and Mebsam is a boy. If this heritage is unfamiliar it would be far too easy to make a fool of yourself without knowing it, until someone who does know plays in your game, reads your adventure or whatever.

They'd also make good names to mix into, say, a far-future game where old earth bloodlines might have been maintained or might equally be so muddled that a black skin and flaming red hair are found on an individual with a name from these lists!

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