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Crossroads to Valor Freebie 1 $0.00
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Crossroads to Valor Freebie 1
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Crossroads to Valor Freebie 1
Publisher: Scrying Eye Games
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 01/07/2013 04:31:06

Maps. Gamers always need maps! (And I happen to like them anyway...)

This 'freebie' introduces a new product line intended to provide quality maps in a way that is easy to use. The concept is simple: each set is to include three copies of the same map - a simple sketchmap for player use, a more detailed player map and one for the DM. Naturally, the DM will be privy to information that the players do not have, at least not until they go and investigate for themselves!

Whilst billed for D&D 4e, the maps will do fine for the fantasy ruleset of your choice.

The notes provided give ideas for using the maps, even down to suggestions for making good table props in the shape of an aged and tattered sketch map that the characters might find in the course of their adventures.

Naturally, it will be up to the DM to populate the map with NPCs, monsters and whatever else he decides will be there; and he will have to add his own notes or key.

So, this introductory set depicts the township of Fao and the ruins of Fao Keep (or so it says...). It's a reasonably-sized settlement, over an hundred buildings with a small river, a nearby lake and a partial wall around it. Is this wall supposed to be the ruined keep? I cannot see anything else keep-like. The DM's map is provided with a square grid and scale, the others have no indication of size. The place looks real, a sensible and natural arrangement of buildings and roads with a good scattering of trees. Everything is well-presented, crisp and clear.

A good start, and a neat way to demonstrate the quality and nature of future offerings.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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