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Legacy of Maela: Alfred\'s Armory
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Legacy of Maela: Alfred's Armory
Publisher: Legacy of Maela
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 01/06/2013 11:49:32

This work is a kind of 'random jottings from my notebooks' product with some real gems hidden away inside.

It starts off with several pages of greyscale drawings of a vast range of weaponry, a few pieces of armour and one or two items that I'm not quite sure what they are. If you read Legacy of Maela products regularly, most have cropped up in their pages already but are abstracted here for you to use to enhance your own game notes, character sheets, etc.

Then there's a collection of wondrous items, a diverse and interesting rag-bag motley assortment to sling into a treasure haul... and maybe keep there if you use the Vault Coin wisely!

Next comes a well-developed NPC, Mantz the Sea-Priest, who comes complete with a fleet of ships under his command, and a few encounter ideas - a monster scrap and an arena brawl.

And then we meet a dwarf mage, Seebus Blackrobe himself. An interesting fellow, he's gone into the magical publishing business big-style - sort of the 'academic press' of the wizard world. If you like this approach to the study of magic, treating it as an academic discipline, some of his tomes will likely be found in the libraries of your magic academies before long. There's a good write-up of Seebus himself too, if you want to use him as an NPC, with a formal character sheet for both him and a stray ranger character (not mentioned elsewhere) thrown in for good measure.

If any of the above appeal, everything is well-presented and fully-developed. Quite a nice selection.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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