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SciFi Marine Quarters $3.99
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SciFi Marine Quarters
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SciFi Marine Quarters
Publisher: DramaScape
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 12/18/2012 05:59:04

My first thought is: lucky marines! I have never seen such spacious barracks. If you have seen movies like Aliens or Starship Troopers, you'll know that bunkrooms are crowded with little room for the marines to move about, whether ship board or in a ground facility.

That said, if you propose to host a brawl in the barracks you will need space to move your miniatures around - they aren't as flexible as real marines, after all!

The floorplans are well-rendered, crisp and with good detail. The ablutions block is a bit odd, with the shower heads liable to spray straight into the washbasins (or all over some poor marine brushing his teeth!). The armoury looks a bit cramped, it might have been better to give it a little more room at the expense of the main room which is cavernous. The addition of the computer console is a nice touch, it is hard to tell with the top-down view, but I imagine they have something akin to an interactive white board for briefings (and do doubt can watch movies or hook up a video game in their free time!). This isn't borne out by the 360 view, which shows the displays as rather small, but I'll just tell my Marines that it's the 'stowed for orbital manoeuvres' configuration!

The 360 view is a nice gimmick, good for people who like an immersive 'this is what you see' presentation, but has limited use if you are engaged in combat. The rest of the support is comprehensive: a choice of squares, hexes or no grid in the printable maps and a nice big single-sheet image for VTT users.

So nice if unrealistically roomy. but a good space for a brawl. If not having a fight, you may not want to go into that much detail about the barracks, anyway, after all.

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