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Modern Floor Plans - Office 2 $1.50
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Modern Floor Plans - Office 2
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Modern Floor Plans - Office 2
Publisher: Black Falcon Games LLC
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 12/14/2012 08:50:07

Whatever game you run, that's even vaguely contemporary or future, chances are that some time or another the characters are going to have to interact with someone who works in an office... perhaps even they do themselves (even if it's the day job or a cover legend to maintain).

So here is a nice generic office suite, presented as both a single page floor plan and as larger 'battleboard' sheets that can be stuck together for those who like to use miniatures or otherwise plot movement when the need arises.

It is provided in a clean draftsman-like style with a grid overlay. The office suite includes a conference room, several offices with different layouts and sizes (so you can allocate them according to the relative importance of the individual), a break room with a table and chairs and other facilities, and even a couple of washrooms. There's a single entrance, perhaps to a lobby, lift access or even to the outside, that is left up to you - although you may wish to situate a receptionist there as there is nowhere suitable for anyone to greet visitors on the plan.

Overall, this is a useful floorplan to have available for anything from a chance visit to the group's own base.

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