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Dungeon World Playbook Collection [BUNDLE]
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Dungeon World Playbook Collection [BUNDLE]
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Dungeon World Playbook Collection [BUNDLE]
Publisher: Fünhaver Industries
by Montgomery A B. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 02/22/2013 15:47:53

These are some interesting takes on some of the classic classes in Dungeon World.

The Alchemist was pure win. Flavorful portrayal of the Alchemist as a steam-punk derived wunderkind. Well done.

The Mage and The Priest do a good job of taking the Vancian Magic out of the classes, while still leaving them as the recognizable archetypes.

Their take on the Paladin, however, was a bit...much. Some of the bonuses stacked was allowed to stack up WAY too high (like being able to grant someone an Armor value of, I think, 9 with the right moves). But if your willing to look past that, or do some tweaking, the other moves of the class really add to the "Fighter of God" schtick wonderfully.

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