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Cold & Dark
Publisher: Modiphius
by SD S. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 11/01/2012 20:59:25

Just a quick general first impression after reading through the .pdf

The layout and presentation is visually solid. I found it easy to navigate and the chapters flowed into one another well enough. The 'feel' of the game carries through from start to finish, something I think that the author was going for. If so, it was a success. I have given my game group a peek or two at it and talked over the basics and they are all looking forward to giving it a try. Longtime DnD/D20 players ready for something a bit harsher and outside the comfort zone--C&D fits the bill hopefully.

There's enough familiarity from other scifi media that slipping into the game setting should be easy for anyone with even a passing knowledge of the genre--some might call it derivative in a lot of spots, but if it is it's taking lots of the good stuff. I'd prefer to call it an homage.

All in all it's a purchase I'm more than satisfied with, even if .pdf format for my game books isn't my favorite. Should my group take to this game and the publisher comes out with an actual book I'll be buying.

The only negatives I could come up with at first glance are minor editing issues that jumped out a few places (no capital E on Earth throughout the Timeline section for example) and seemed more the function of spell-check idiosyncrasies than real mistakes.

Unless playtest reveals glaring systemic problems my initial rating/review will stand

[4 of 5 Stars!]
Cold & Dark
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