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The Witch: A sourcebook for Basic Edition fantasy games
Publisher: Elf Lair Games
by Bradley P. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 10/24/2012 04:44:33

There are several things I look for in a character class supplement , and this guide easily meets these requirement 1-Does it add something I could not?
This book is extremely well researched. The author seems to have read every book on witchcraft and synthesized them into the game. This means that not only is there a good rich background, but it's engrossing enough to just read on its own.
2-Does the class add something unique to the game? When I used to to let a PC play a witch before , I tried to make it a combination of druid and magic users. This book not only adds a good set of talents and spells, but they are truly different. The Witch is neither a combat class nor a support class but a true utility class. She has a range of power that don't appear in the other classes. One point of praise here is that the spells she has tend to be "scenario" spells. This character is at her best in a campaign with a good non-combat /role playing element. The best example of this is the numerous spells to detect/control fertility and affect luck. A cleaver GM could really use this class to move things along. 3-Do I read it and get ideas for how to use the supplement? Yes, very much so. I find my self wanting to play this class somewhere. 4-Does it have a meta game role/campaign material? The inclusion of a Witch in a party could be used in a good number of ways to change the tone of an adventure. It would work well in city or village campaigns, and anything that requires subterfuge.

If I had one criticism, it's that I think there could have been a section to give examples of how to use this class in a party, just because I could think of a million ways doesn't mean everyone will.

TL;DR--This is a great supplement, fun as source material or to include. Worth it.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
The Witch: A sourcebook for Basic Edition fantasy games
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