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Frontier Explorer - Issue 1 Pay What You Want
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Frontier Explorer - Issue 1
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Frontier Explorer - Issue 1
Publisher: Frontier Explorer
by David H. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 06/18/2016 03:17:25

Of the freebie ezines on Traveller, this was the one I liked the most, I preferred it to Colonial Times

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Frontier Explorer - Issue 1
Publisher: Frontier Explorer
by john k. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 02/08/2013 14:41:28

it was a good start for a magazine, I am looking forward to the other issues.

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Frontier Explorer - Issue 1
Publisher: Frontier Explorer
by Michael D. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 09/15/2012 15:50:51

It's really great to see some new Star Frontiers stuff! I only recently discovered the Star Frontiersman on DriveThruRPG. I hadn't gotten through them all yet when I downloaded the Frontier Explorer. The art may be a tad below the level of the Star Frontiersman, but the content is just as good or better. I have to give the edge to the Frontier Explorer in layout as well. Article breakdown:

The Dralasite Creed - very cool and useful for those wanting to play Dralasites. Also, a must read for GMs.

Crafting a Compelling Character in a RPG - great advice to making PCs and NPCs unique, complete, and funner to play.

Lossend System Brief - I do like this info that is just screaming to be used in a game. The Star Frontiersman does give more detailed planetary data, however.

What is War - nice fiction article that adds depth to the game and ideas into a GM's head.

Mooks Without Number part 1 - awesome shipbound adventure. Can't wait to use it. Contains a good reuse of one of the maps that came with the original Alpha Dawn or Knight Hawks box set (don't recall which). Don't worry, you don't need a copy of the map to play this adventure - it is included! I love the fact that the ship's captain is an Ifshnit, my favorite SF race. Nice background and beginning situation for a new crew (the PCs). I just love the duties the new crew have to perform to get the vessel ship-shape again. Great plot to the adventure involving weapons, farmers, pirates, and even a KH scenario. The deck layout for the ship is a wonderful add-in with the promise of deckplans in one an upcoming issue. I wait in high anticipation of parts 2 and 3!!!

Planaron Station - really, really cool article updating the current situation of the space station used by the pirates in the Warrior of White Light Campaign setting complete with how Clarion politics affected it since. Is now a great backdrop for all kinds of future adventures. Reminitions of Deep Space Nine and Babylon 5 come to mind. I think I'll put an Ifshnit entreprenuer there named Cork.

CSS Nightwind - incredible new ship with statistics, descriptions, and deck layout & plans. I am anxious to use this in a game, too!

Make A Run For It - Knight Hawks encounters. Two new blast'em type fun scenarios for us ship combat strategists out there.

Don't Go In The Water - ok, i admit it. I got bored with this one. It is easy to do that when humdrum things like articles about weather show up. But, I just know I am going to want to use these rules some time in the near future. So, I am glad they are ready for me to abuse.

Grymz - back page comic. A carefree way to end the issue.

A remakable first issue! Hats off to the editors!!!

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