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Toys for the Sandbox 17: High Keep $0.99
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Toys for the Sandbox 17: High Keep
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Toys for the Sandbox 17: High Keep
Publisher: Occult Moon
by Mark S. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 05/17/2012 22:45:41

I bought High Keep as a test for the line. I wanted to know if it is worth my cash to purchase the entire line. An elven keep would make the best test of the imagination and quality because it is hard to screw up a tower.

I would say that the jury has returned a mixed result.

Good: This is a collection of excellent ideas. You are paying 99 cents for a great list of story ideas, rumors and the like. If you need ideas for your campaign, this is a good place to pick up story hooks for a buck. For the price, you could do worse than look here for your next plot twist.

Bad: This is not a map. There is no map. You will not find a map in this product even though it says it has a map in the product description. What you get is a small and crude picture of a tree with tiny buildings drawn on the branches. It is most definitely not a map. No map here. There isn't a map. A map is not to be found here. The product description is thin and no preview is provided for a very good reason: Because there Got it?

Overall, I rate this product at three stars because the price is fair. Yes, good ideas. Just don't purchase this product looking for a....(wait for it)

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