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GOOFBALLS!: A Guidebook to Sillies and Stooges
by Chet C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/14/2012 23:10:51

The problem with RPG humor, is that it's so very easy to slip into cliched juvenile jokes and language. (I might add that this is the same problem that TV, movie, and live comedy has.) Goofballs doesn't add anything particularly funny to one's repertoire and I'm hard-pressed to say that anyone would care one way or the other if this book existed or not. Another problem that RPG humor doesn't share with other types of humor, is that the reader actually has to care (or hate) the conventions being spoofed. If one is totally bored with the concepts of, for instance, feats -- the entire section on feats is a waste, no matter how funny it might have been. There is one section that lifts it up from a One-Star rating, and that is the final chapter: "the Goofball Adventure." Here, we have a transcript of a game session (Fictional, I assume - but who knows?) in which the lines aren't really that funny, but points have to be given for even trying to liven up the shtick of "Examples of a Game Session."

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GOOFBALLS!: A Guidebook to Sillies and Stooges
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GOOFBALLS!: A Guidebook to Sillies and Stooges
by Justin L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/26/2003 00:00:00

The Good The Artwork is the really the best part of this product, even in spite of some of the more? immature references. There?s actually some useful stuff in here like a few of the Prestige Classes and one or two of the magic items. It?s up to individual readers and DMs to find and select which ones are best.

A lot of the writing is very cute. Too cute.

The Bad Those of you expecting Munchkin Redux won?t find it. Goofballs! Is very geared towards a more mainstream crowd of gamer, those who grew up watching Sesame Street and reading the Cat in the Hat, but now watch movies like ?Dumb and Dumberer? and ?American Pie? looking for campaign ideas, instead of ?Monty Python? and reading ?Discworld.?

For me, the Sophomoric Toilet Humor is a big turn off. The rest of the public can probably revel in the number of ass-related jokes throughout the product for all I care.

Otherwise, there?s too much stuff that you can?t use in a balanced game, even a humorous game like Munchkin. It?s for jokes, really. And then the jokes aren?t always funny.

The Ugly The Diva art. The knock-knock joke. The Lyrical Gangsta?s example flow. The muppets are very scary, but somehow funny. The puppy. Okay, so I lied. The muppets are just frightening.

Final Notes: That about sums it up, really. It?s fun. It?s somewhat funny. There?s nothing really outlandish here that isn?t a build off of pre-existing ideas and such.

Once you wade past about 10 pages of fecal jokes and toilet humor, there's actually a half-decent silly game supplement buried within.

Final Verdict: All in all? 7/10, or a 3 out of 5. I can say it?s a strong and solid effort.

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