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Arcane Warrior Spells (5e)
by Oliver E. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/25/2016 15:31:54

Overall, this is a very mixed bag, with some good ideas, a nice layout, but a power balance that's all over the place.

I'll do a spell-by-spell review here: Accursed Smite: Seems too powerful for a alevel 4 spell. At level 5, it would probably be more fitting though.

Bee Sting: This is fine, I like it and it seems nicely balanced for a level 1 spell.

Celestial Armoury: Incredibly underpowered for a 5th level spell. The concept is good but it's basically an alternative Witchbolt, which is a Level 1 spell. This would be fine at Level 1. Unless it's meant to do a LOT more?

Conjure Trap: Seems fine overall. You might even get away with it being castable as a ritual.

Conjure Venom: Also fine.

Dimensional Rend: This has no right being a level 3 spell. You get to attack every creature within a 40ft cube (anyhting from 1 to 60 creatures), doing 8D6 magical damage on a hit, half on a fail, then basically teleport anywhere within 25-35ft. Other third level attack spells do things like... +3D8 damage to an attack, or creatues within 5ft of a point take 3D10 damage on a failed dex save, or variants of 1D4 to 3D6 extra damage to a strike. Even Fireball, one of the more powerful level 3 spells is 8D6 fire in a 40ft sphere on a failed Dex save. Rend has a roughly 25% larger area, deals magical damage, is more likely to deal full damage AND lets you teleport after. As a 'high' 4th, (or even 5th) level spell, this would be fine, but not as a third. It's also unclear if you roll damage seperately for each creature (as it's a roll-to-hit-each, which implies it is), or if it's a flat one-roll-for-all, like area spells. This is doubly confusing, when things like Celestial Armoury you have as a 5th level spell, or Doffing Smite at 4th level. If the spell level was 4, or the damage reduced to say.. 4D6-6D6, it may be fine as 3rd level.

Doffing Smite: This is mostly fine, if a little weak. It's definately a low level 4, or a higher level 3 spell. Also, it would benefit from 'less than half health' rather than 'less than 40'.

Explosive Strength: This is basically an upscaled Thunderwave / Fireball+. It's certainly an upper 3rd level spell. I think drop it to 6D6 and it'll be perfectly fine. Better average + total possible damage than a level 3 Thunderwave, better knockback, slightly less damage than Fireball.

Herculean Force: This I reckon, should be a first. I'd even say make it +1 minute, +5ft throw for each level higher used.

Lingering Shadow: This is a very interesting, and honestly well put together spell. Fine as is.

Purifying Strike: This is fine.

Winters Bite: Also fine.

At the end of the day, this document is a bit of a roller coaster, and has a lot of good ideas in it, that I want to include, but some of it just makes myself, and my group confused.

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Arcane Warrior Spells (5e)
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Arcane Warrior Spells (5e)
by Joey H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/19/2016 13:32:06

This is the first 5e OGL product I've had the chance to review, and largely, it's a good experience! The cover art is colorful, vibrant, and eye-catching; kudos to the artist. Some may shy away from its anime-inspired look, but it's actually indicative of this supplement's content. The celestial armory spell found within, for instance, is heavily inspired by the Fate/Stay series. The spells within are flavorful and exciting across the board, though this product could have used another proofreading pass before release. Small mistakes like "hurdles" instead of "hurtles" and "25gp" instead of "25 gp" drag down presentation slightly, but not in any significant way. My dislike for faux-parchment backgrounds is a personal peeve, but the background of this PDF muddies presentation and distracts the eye.

Minor quibbles aside, any 5e player looking to add a light anime flavor to their game would do well to pick up Arcane Warrior Spells.

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Creator Reply:
Thank you for the review James! I am collecting proofreading feedback and play-testing data for this article constantly, so stay tuned for future updates!
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