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50 Random Dungeon Rooms
by Daniel S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/07/2016 14:07:56

This may be one of the best DM products I have ever purchased. I had hoped to acquire a product that could help me craft a flow-chart style dungeon with a number of small, but interesting, encounters.

This set of dungeon rooms has just enough evocative decription, intriguing locations, and overall flavor to add to any dungeon crawl. Some of the rooms are great jumping off points to build upon, while others (most) can be taken "as is", and dropped into an existing dungeon for a change of pace. The information is all system neutral without giving up anything in terms of creativity or specific details about the rooms. The quality of writing is good and the quality of ideas/creativity is top notch.

The only thing I could have a wished for was a few more rooms that leaned toward role-playing encounters, but that truly is more a request for the future than any detractor from this product.

I would purchase any other similar products from Broken Tower Games in the future without hesitation.

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50 Random Dungeon Rooms
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