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Dungeons & Drapers (Early Access Edition)
by Christopher P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/05/2017 04:24:44

This is really good I hope Jo produces more in this vein. The implicit setting is fascinating, the writing is evocative. Highlights for me were the written legal code and the spell war wound. Plenty  of stuff  in her that you could take for your own game.

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Dungeons & Drapers (Early Access Edition)
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Dungeons & Drapers (Early Access Edition)
by Lewis P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/08/2016 13:28:28

You need to bear in mind this is an early access edition and, particularly around the spell lists, it shows - it's incomplete and it makes no bones about it. That said, it's a close enough clone of 5th Ed D&D with a different set of letters following those initials you could easily clone things in.

Ok, that warning aside, it's a new twist on the idea: you're not playing an adventurer (that's illegal!) you're a blacksmith, a draper, a chandler or similar. You might happen to wander into the woods and find interesting things occasionally but it's a hobby, not the day job. That on its own I found attractive. There is a magical healing system which may not be unique but I have to say I've never seen before. I played through a couple of combats with it to see how it would work in theory and found it was a bit hectic - I'd hate to have a big party with two+ Apothecaries (the healer class) and monsters with a healer with them too but for a small group it's different, it works and it's fun.

Every character gets a batch of customisation over the basics so you can tweak quite heavily to make your build match your character vision. I'm sure there are minimax combinations for the power gamers but the variety is nice compared to some games - in many versions of D&D every first level fighter is basically a cookie cutter, in Dungeons and Drapers there are a lot of ways you can build a good fighter type.

The fighter and rogue types (Blacksmiths and Tailors respectively) get Tricks which resemble a cross between feats and spells and allow for even more variety. Your first level Tailor might be better at helping other in combat or better at finding and removing traps for example - it's an extra choice but unlike a feat you can vary it every long rest. At higher levels you get much more variety and more choices, just like a spellcaster would.

You probably need a decent amount of experience in FRPGs to appreciate this rather than being it being a starter game but when the whole game is released I plan to buy it and pay real money, it really does appeal that much.

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