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Dungeon a Day #20 the Yeti's cave
by Marco Z. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/18/2022 03:58:44

I expected there to be a bit more than what you could already see on the preview, especially since there are areas of the map that are numbered. Not that I would expect a full module, but at least a sentence as you would get it in a one page dungeon.

As for the quality of the product, in the 15 words that are used on the map, there are 3 typos. And while the elevation levels are a nice idea to include in a dungeon, the author forgot to put in a couple so that it would actually make sense. For example path 3 goes down continuously and path 1 goes straight the whole time, yet when they meet they are on the same elevation.

In conclusion: If this was a free One Page Dungeon I would be disappointed.

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Dungeon a Day #20 the Yeti's cave
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Saturday Morning Tabletop RPG - Core
by Chepe L. P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/15/2019 16:21:48


  1. I did playtest this game for the Creator in two different sessions. I know the Creator of this game and consider them a friend in the hobby.
  2. I initially offered to review it since there seemed to be a lack of coverage for the game and I was familiar with the amount of work that went into the game. He not only agreed and insisted I do as critical review of his game as possible and he knows about how anal-retentive I am when analyzing games. He wanted me to “tear it apart.”
  3. I do NOT enjoy most (not all) D20 variants and 5e D&D, on which this system is based. This review can potentially be colored by not just a pre-existing friendship, but also my general dislike for how dungeon fantasy (D&D style fantasy) games tend to play out.

All that aside, I did purchase the PDF copy (for which this review is regarding) with my own money and offered to do the review of my own accord. These thoughts are my own and are an attempt to be as objective and honest about the product I can be given the circumstances of the review.

Full review

Brief description

Saturday Morning Tabletop RPG is a game that relies on the D20 success to make its own game while not having the reasons a lot of fans of D20 would buy it; especially compatibility with other systems. The game does address some of the inherent swing of the D20 and uses a lot of tried and true ways of other games to encourage the game to feel like a classic children action cartoons. Its filled with character options (full review has a more extensive list). It attempts to give players a treasure trove of tools and the promise of not dying; to encourage Game Masters to go all out with the creatures and challenges thrown against the players without worry of making them feel disempowered. It is a solid remix of a lot of Dungeons and Dragons-like games, but nothing wholly innovative. It does what it says it does: gives a lot of options to make D&D feel as cartoony and as empowering as possible.


Current Price: $20 (PDF) Reviewer's Appraisal: $20-30 (PDF) & $60 (Physical Book)


  • Based on 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons for those who like the system
  • What setting that is there is interesting with plothooks built into some mechanics (especially backgrounds and bonds)
  • A truly comprehensive set of character options
  • A game that will make players feel empowered and powerful
  • Combat is powerful, anime-like, and keeps people in the action
  • The game provides a way of creating stakes in a game where players don’t die by default (through stealing xp)
  • There is more customization than almost anyone could ever want
  • It is exactly as on the tin: A Cartoony/Anime D&D game


  • It delves into large numbers of damage, miscellaneous bonuses, and hit points; which is a negative for those who want more simple games.
  • It is its own system with very little compatible with other D20 products
  • It has optional rules for deadly and grittier encounters but other parts of the system would works against that
  • It doesn’t fully commit to being a system integrated into a setting or fully into being a generic system. Using it as a generic system for another setting will be a bit of work.
  • The childish language used in book may be aesthetically off-putting for some.
  • It embraces power gaming and encourages the arms race between DMs and players (which may put off certain groups).

Recommended for:

  • Groups who want 5th edition D&D but a truly different game built of it
  • GMs looking for systems that provide empowerment and action
  • Lovers of customization and D20 mechanics *Lovers of High Fantasy, Super Heroes, and traditional rpgs

Warning for:

  • People who have issues with combat-based D20 games
  • Groups looking for deadlier games
  • People who hate bigger numbers and miscellaneous bonuses

Rating Note: 4/5 Stars for me represents a game that attempts sommething at least moderately different from the current market, succeeds at doing it with its design, and is a functional product I could reccomend purchase knowing it has minimal errors or quality of life issues.

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Saturday Morning Tabletop RPG - Core
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Form Filalble Planetary readout #2
by Eric T H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/04/2018 10:55:05

If this is supposed to be a fillable format, why is it in secured mode? Form the sample, there appeared to be four to eight fillable sections. Is the planet photo an editable item? I'd like to add a picture of the planet, seen from space.

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Form Filalble Planetary readout #2
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Form Filalble Planetary readout #2
by A customer [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/01/2016 09:48:01

I really like this product. It's cheaply priced--less than a coffee. For SWN gms, all the system infor has a data entry field, and, there's four other customizable entry fields as well.

The only thing I would change would be to allow me to enter my own artwork for the planetary image in the pdf. I use Fractal Terrains and would love to drop my own generated planets to use as the art.

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