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Divinities and Cults (Labyrinth Lord)
by Andrew M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/23/2019 20:03:54

This review applies to all three volumes of this series. Really great content and presentation here, and I don't play LL or anything like it. I was sucked in by the interesting ToCs in these books, and rolled the dice on them. Great, compact layout with a hundred ideas about what gods do, mean, what priests are worth, how individual gods can spin the reality of her or his priest or followers. Just a really straightforward presentation of some actually quite metaphysically challenging concepts. It's not a philosophy textbook by any means, but the author obviously cares very much about the role, and the very EXISTENCE, of gods and priests in the world.

Good choices of pantheons. If you get all three, you have your classic D&D Western gods covered. Norse, Greek, Roman, Celtic, and my favorites, Mesopotamian and Egyptian. Each god has a bullet point list of values that priests should embody. Short, to the point, and well done.

Great tables with good reason for each to exist, and interesting results. Many variations on what alterations a god might make to your....situation... if you screw up, or maybe he's just bored. Excellent, and largely drawn from myths from what I can see.

Great illustrations, too. Note that there is a boatload of boobs-out goddesses here so it's not a kids' title, but the illos just fit in perfectly with the layout and the feel of the work. All kinds of them dot the book.

So overall this is a Deities and Demigods for the OSR set. Like I say, I don't even play any of the basic variations of the big game like LL, S&W, BX Essentials, but I might have to start. I will be using these works to inspire my own writing for SURE.

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Divinities and Cults (Labyrinth Lord)
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Divinities and Cults (Labyrinth Lord)
by Bruce W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/09/2015 18:25:59

This is a fun and useful product to enhance your old-school game. It provides options and lots of flavor for deities, and some new rules for cleric spellcasting. Each deity has its own unique flavor, from spell lists to demands/expectations of their clerics. Plus lots of fun random tables. A nice product all told.

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