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Ghost of the Frost Giant King
by Richard W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/30/2016 21:01:47

In the spirit of full disclosure, I was one of the playtesters on this product. Thrudheim is a great setting, giving a bleaker, more serious feel to the world than is common in most of the DnD and Pathfinder modules I’ve played. While the artwork didn’t grab me, the descriptions did. The creators know their Norse mythology and do a good job of capturing the spirit of those myths in the challenges that face the PCs. The book is laid out wonderfully, making it easy to run the game, and the stock characters are fleshed out and simple to incorporate for new players.
I had a blast playing through this adventure with my friends and would definitely recommend this to anyone interested in a fresh theme for their DnD games or in introducing new players to the possibilities inherent in RPGs in general. Try it out and find glory immortal in the songs of skalds!

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Ghost of the Frost Giant King
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Ghost of the Frost Giant King
by Gregory G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/14/2015 15:49:23

Disclaimer: Russell and Morgan Newquiest, two of the authors of this adventure, are friends of mine and the owners of Silver Empire publishing. They provided me with a free, PDF copy of this adventure for me to review.

Ghost of the Frost Giant King is less of an adventure and more of a mini campaign. Using the 3.5 Dungeons and Dragons rules system, Ghost of the Frost Giant King provides a great setting in which the heroes can adventure. Inspired by Nordic myths and stories the continent of Thrúdheim is filled with Monsters and NPCs to allow the Game Master to both evoke the feeling of the Norse Sagas and provide the Players with memorable fights role playing encounters.

The main narrative of Ghost of the Frost Giant King involves the PCs transporting supplies to a beleaguered frontier town/military fort, but that journey make then lead them on a quest to find artifact out of legend. Scattered throughout the adventure are side quests. It is possible for the GM to run the adventure without them, but I think they really add to the tale and the setting.

There are 44 pages in the PDF version of Ghost of the Frost Giant King. Of those 44 pages, 30 are used for front and back covers, pre-generated PCs and their portraits, NPCs, monster entries, a “Paint-style” player’s handout, three maps, “legal stuff,” and the credits. That leaves 14 pages for the adventure and its attendant art. The Adventure to Support Material Ratio is a bit low for my tastes, but given that Ghost of the Frost Giant King is more of a mini-setting than a straight adventure, it works out well.

I only found two problems with is adventure. The first is the large number of “Read Out Loud” sections. While the “Read Out Loud” sections give the GM needed information, they are often long and wordy and I feel that Players will lose interest while the GM is reading it out. The other problem I have with Ghost of the Frost Giant King is the maps. There are multiple issues with the maps.

There are no tactical maps for use in combat. There is no scale on any of the maps. The only map for the Boss Fight is the map given to the PCs by an NPC (also, this is the only place in the adventure that lists the traps used to defend the boss’ lair). There are no maps for any of the villages or towns used in this adventure. Finally, the continent map doesn’t give the name of any of the cities, towns, or villages shown on the map; nor are any of the rivers, forests or mountains named.

Despite my quibbles, I feel that Ghost of the Frost Giant King is a great module. It gives a GM enough NPCs, settings, monsters, and political intrigue to either run a fairly straight forward adventure or to build a campaign on what is given. With all of this and a superb minor artifact that could spawn a whole slew of story threads all on its own, I rate Ghost of the Frost Giant King a 4 out of 5. It is a great piece of work.

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