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Isometric Dungeons : Down into the Sewers
by Tad D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/07/2018 13:12:17

Down in the Sewers is a single level (isometric) sewer map intended for a single session of game play. The pdf offers a blank, a numbered, and a B&W version of the map, as well as a GM notes page for keying the map.

In terms of its usefulness one must understand that this is more of a one shot scenario. With that in mind it's a very well laid out sewer system with varying levels of height and remnants from former and current inhabitants. One could easily design a quick scenario around this map and plug it into virtually any fantasy setting. So it's a useful item for a GM to have in his or her arsenal. What's more, the artwork is simply incredible, as is true of all of Maxime Plasse's work. All in all a great little product reasonably priced at a mere $2.99.

Tad Davis, Ars Phantasia Press

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Isometric Dungeons : Down into the Sewers
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