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Robotica: The Cult Of Technology
by Chris H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/15/2015 08:50:25

I've rated this 2 out of 5 because the English translation (done by Katarzyna Moszczyñska and Maciej Jarosz) is a very poor job indeed, and is almost incomprehensible. The book appears to be chock full of really interesting ideas, but is so hard to read that it's almost completely useless. What bits of text are readable are often redundant or repetative. The book needs a thorough English re-translation by someone actually fluent in the language, and a ruthless edit by a competent editor. The good points are that the book looks good (with some lovely cyberpunk/mecha stock artwork, much of it CGI), and has some interesting ideas in it (though nothing that hasn't been done before - and done better - in games like Eclipse Phase and GURPS Transhuman Space).

I like picking up translations of foreign language games, usually because there's a European attitude to them that is refreshingly different to the US/UK produced games. I bought this at the reduced price point - if I'd paid full price for this I'd be very put out right now.

[2 of 5 Stars!]
Robotica: The Cult Of Technology
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