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NPCs of the Wasteland
by Roc W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/08/2015 17:25:36

Though I haven't used this yet I can tell that is is something that will be used. I will change much of the suggestions and behaviours (I'm like that, I think the themed graphics are more of what I seek with such products) but will be inspired by them somewhat. The artwork is not too shabby either and there is a nice, not overly forced adult theme apart from the setting. Naked breasts for example are all to often obscured in forced/ridiculous ways but one image doesn't fool around with one of the images, they are there but that's all there is to it, nothing 'gratuitous', we are treated as adults, as we are with the sexual theme of the NPC in question. Probably not so good for underaged players, but nothing shocking either.

Possibly overpriced for just a handful of flashcards and I could live without it and paying the price. But the PDF format gives me a quality product if that is all you are worried about. I purchased on a whim but honestly, I could have lived without it for the price and found images off the net that, though not the same ones, would suit perfectly and for free as I don't intend on disseminating the product against copyright laws.

-- The Roc

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NPCs of the Wasteland
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Creator Reply:
Thanks for the positive review The Roc! And also for your support at this early stage, we hope the price will feel more balanced when you receive the (free) future updates. (We plan to add four more NPC\'s to the Wasteland collection over the next few months and perhaps there\'ll be some kind of bonus as well (hint).) Best, M. Mansson Skepnad Studios
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