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Pocket Guide to American Freeform
by Jason C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/10/2014 16:11:27

This is without a doubt the most useful text there is for using American Freeform larps. Rather than just shoving rules at the audience and expecting them to "just do it", this text contains the history of the form, the meta-techniques it is known for, rules for keeping it safe, and practical advice for organizing and running larping events. It is, in short, invaluable to actually playing the games in the "real world". The writer of this text, Lizzie Stark, also wrote Leaving Mundania, and her experiences building an understanding of larp in that investigation have clearly helped her construct an approach to gaming that is scaffolded to enable the reader to build an understanding over the course of the text as to both what American Freeform is and how it works.

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Pocket Guide to American Freeform
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Pocket Guide to American Freeform
by Mike C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/27/2014 14:24:56

I had trouble figuring out the genre this was supposed to play in. It reads to me as if a home group had evolved their own pocket universe and the rules for playing in it. They understand it, but without a whole lot more background, and a few examples of play, I don't get it! Diceless role-playing is a lofty goal, but the only time I ever saw it done successfully was when Eric Wujcik came up with a system for Nine Princes in Amber, which I think was never published.

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