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The Cutting Edge of Nordic Larp
by Simon K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/21/2014 18:31:11

Sorry, but the way this is presented makes me never want to try larp ever. It reminds me of the worst of the dry academic reads from university and seems primarily to be a tool for bringing political propaganda and oppressive political correctness into a game environment. And I'm not sure I can even qualify the 'game' component of an rpg as there seems little room for an activity designed for fun and leisure. Instead it seems to suggest any 'game' for fun alone would be frivolous, that larping should be there to 'educate' us and make us better people, and that will change the world. Shudder, creeps me out, just put me in your re-education gulag already.

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The Cutting Edge of Nordic Larp
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