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Elegant Fantasy Creature Generator
by Dylan A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/19/2019 19:03:06

I dig this one. Mr. Sadowski packs a big punch in a simple little 16-page PDF. Like the tome of adventure design, the EFCG concentrates on 'top-down' generation. Rather than rolling stats it generates creature's shape, size and attributes and leaves it to the DM to assemble & stat up in the end. Although it means more work for the long-suffering DM, the possibilities are limitless. The first few tables remind me of Raggi's RECG a little bit (is that really a crime?) and it distinguishes itself elsewhere so I'm fine with that.

It includes a few entries rarely seen in creature generators, like "static" for creatures that don't move, or the classic "swarm." The Mental Faculties table was a nice touch too. The Random Features section is a really good mix. Special abilities, visual quirks and odd behaviours all mixed together, so you really don't know what direction it'll take you. If he had only covered the basics this would still be pretty decent, but the Finishing Touches section puts the icing on. Peculiar Circumstances, the Weirdifier and Horrifier tables add strange behaviours, compulsions or abilities that you almost never see in these things, like "oneiric - you will have ominous dreams about its presence long before you even meet it." Fuck yeah.

Number of Rolls? There are 9 tables, but Sadowski encourages the reader to continue rolling until the idea comes together. I didn't use every table and made 12 rolls on my first try. Would I use this in the middle of a session? No way. Sadowski explicitly says not to in the introduction. Variety and Reusability? Looks like it has enough possible combinations to get over the 'almost infinite' hump. I'll be using this one again for sure.

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Elegant Fantasy Creature Generator
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Elegant Fantasy Creature Generator
by angela q. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/28/2019 12:19:10

Great! I used it as an "idea generator" for drawing creature design thumbnails. I really like the "Random features" part + the "Attitude randomizer", and the way results combines with other tables of this book to imagine a creature, its behavior, and its place in an imaginary world facing other creatures randomly generated. I recommend this Creature Generator for this use. Seems to be interesting in game too but I haven't tested it yet. :)

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