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Kalijor RPG
by Christopher T. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/16/2013 11:26:42

I've really enjoyed reading this game so far. The writing is clear, the artwork ranges from talented amateur to brilliant professional in most cases, and the game system looks as if it's easy to learn and easy to run at the table. One thing I can say, in light of the previous review of Kalijor on here, is that while the system takes some -inspiration- from Palladium, it's in no way a rip-off of that company's system. Skill resolution, character generation, attribute bonuses and applications, all of these and more are all different, and that's from a cursory examination. World information -does- seem light, but there's no wasted space in the 300+ pages of the PDF, the author having chosen instead to provide the GM with a large array of tools with which to run the game. Hopefully this will be expanded upon in future products. I was somewhat disappointed that the hacking rules didn't seem to offer any advice on whether someone could hack Kalijor itself, but maybe I've missed that part. And I did find the artwork in the equipment section disappointing, particularly where the armored suits were concerned. Edit: with the price having been reduced to a reasonable 15 bucks, I've changed my rating to five stars for this product.

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Kalijor RPG
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Kalijor RPG
by Karl N. I. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/08/2013 06:09:58

Oh boy where to start. This product is horrendous! The system is a complete rip from palladium. I don't mean this as in it's just badly inspired by, I mean it is lawsuit worthy plagrisim. There has only been slight cosmetic changes (the changing of the use of a d20 to 2d10, a use of a armor soak instead of ablative armor). There was in fact tables such as the missile damage table, which are copied near word for word. The setting might have saved the book but there is extremely sparse information in the book. A few short right ups of the sci fi 'real world' done in a sparse dry tone with few details followed by a very generic and sparse right up of the mmo world of Kalijor, which is supposed to be a large part of the intrigue of the setting but has little in the way of explanation of the how or why. The only good things I can say about this book is that the spare artwork is decent but nothing spectacular. The system holds slight improvements over palladium but not near worth it's 'discounted' 25 dollar price tag. A premium price for what amounts to a fan supplement level content.

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