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Critical Hit and Fumble Cards (10 card Pack)
by Nathan C. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 02/01/2012 09:04:10

I normally do not write reviews for preview products, especially when there are hundreds if thousands of versions of the subject matter scattered throughout the internet. However, I really like where Geek Corps Production is headed with their Critical Hits and Fumble Cards. The critical/fumble chart has been done before. Go to any forum on any given day and you’ll find one. Last year, a couple years ago, Paizo produced two of these products. I used the Paizo versions in my last campaign, but the design made them cumbersome, too vague or useless.

Geek Crops does not just reinvent the world, they make a square roll. Instead of a simple chart or a line of text for each action, they added several more descriptive items to each card. They also included visual identifiers to make their cards more interesting. The description is great for keeping the immersion of your game. Underneath are the mechanical effects for each card, which does a solid job of summarizing damage dealt, the overall effect and any conditions now implemented on the player. In these samples, effects aren’t duplicated, which really produces a wild feeling of not knowing what will happen.

For the Dungeon Master The design is what makes this product exciting to use. The cards are easy to use and add to the description of the game.

The Iron Word The creativity of the cards breathes life into the critical and fumble charts floating around and makes this product worth paying for when it comes out. I would advise any dungeon master of any system to put this high on your watch list.

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Critical Hit and Fumble Cards (10 card Pack)
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