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War of the Bard
by Nathan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 04/08/2011 21:39:46

This add-on (or "Frame") for Hell For Leather presents a gritty fantasy story where the characters have completed their mission and must now escape with their hard-won knowledge. I really like how the characters have already had their butt's kicked and are all suffering from horrible wounds and injuries - it is both a challenge for you to play and an interesting twist. The layout is neat and easy to read, and the page design helps set the tone - blood splotches and smears are all over the place and give you a straightforward warning of what characters are about to be plunged into. The neatest feature of this product, though, is the audio commentary. Clicking a button on the last page lets you hear the author pronounce the names of the characters (they are mostly celtic in origin and may be difficult for some to pronounce), and gives the listener a heads-up on a few of the important features of the story (like the fact the characters begin injured). More games should take advantage of the PDF medium and do stuff like this. Overall, a great addition to the Hell For Leather line.

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War of the Bard
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