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Super Hero Art for RPGs
by Simon B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/27/2009 15:24:57

At last!

As an independent SHRPG publisher I've bought and used just about all the available (and usable) stock art on this site. So has just about everyone else - so we see the same images popping up on the covers of product after product.

If, like me, you've exhausted all the other stuff and want some more you need to buy this. Even if you haven't it's worth checking out the preview. It's better than a lot of the other stock art available.

I've been lucky enough to use some of Dave's artwork before and like it. Clean lines, easy to colour. A variety of poses, scenes and dioramas. Some pics include background details which cunning authors can crop, lift out and use for various odds and ends. I can see some of these illos becoming classics - being used on cover and cover (I'm betting the pic of the big punch will be well-used.)

As an author I'm neutral on the inclusion of fold-up figures but people buying this art for use on character sheets etc. might like them.

Overall this pack does exactly what it says on the tin which makes it an essential purchase for all SHRPG authors. I'm looking forward to more packs of the same. Highly recommended.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Super Hero Art for RPGs
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