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Silhouette: Shadow Of The Sea
by Customer Name Withheld [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/17/2016 17:38:17

This is NOT a Hero System product!

I purchased this because it was specifically labeled as a Hero System adventure module. It contains no Hero System material nor even a reference to that game. Instead it is fully statted out for the Talespinner RPG (which I am not familiar with). Althought it claims to be "easily converted" I think that is true of nearly any RPG adventure, and that does not make it systemless and certainly does not make it a Hero System product.

This product is illustrated with poser artwork that is expertly done but provocatively racy, sometimes bordering on NSFW.

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Silhouette: Shadow Of The Sea
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Silhouette: Shadow Of The Sea
by Rosella c. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/05/2010 12:15:16

A excellent fun encounter that can be easily dropped into any swashbuckling campaign you may be running with minimal effort, the adventure delivered more then I originally expected for its page count and price.

For those at all familiar with 3d art programs like Poser or Bryce will immediately recognize the characters and other artwork features prominently on the cover, and is also used throughout the book to portray npc's, and towns with high quality renders.

Not only are the towns given double maps (one for gms one for pcs) all of the main npc's get full portraits to go with their detailed character sheet.

The adventure itself I found to be easy to pick up play with a minimal amount of set up, with enough depth and plot surprises to appeal to even veteran gaming groups.

Over all well worth the money and perfect for a night when you have little time to prep, or just want to run a fun filler adventure between your main campaign story arcs. (OR use this adventure to kick start a campaign.)

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by Tim L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/26/2009 11:53:10

After the Peak by Al Seeger

The tone of After Peak is a post-apocalypse world somewhat realistically set after all the oil is gone (therefore energy shortages). This gritty beginning then takes two left turns. The equivalent of Noah's Ark starship crashes on the planet (giving hope to new energy sources at the price of alien animals wandering around) and a "veil" of energy sweeps over the planet clensing out all radiation and chemical spills but leaving behind a magical (or psionic) field that followers of Light or Darkness can access by doing certain deeds.

As you can see, some cliches of the apocalypse are avoided (no Loony-Tunes Gamma World charm), no stone-age barbarians (Thundaar the Barbarian), and the magical-miracle-psionic driven Veil is so new that not many have figured it out.

An alien and Veil-bestiary, an economic trading system, advice on character generation for any RPG system, which skills and weapons are common or exotic, and MADS-system generated characters round out the substantial PDF.

The overall systemless setting holds together quite well. For example, a creature's abilities are listed as:

Level: Low (out of Medium, High, Powerful, and Strong) Defense: Medium Spirit: High Toughness: High Combat Attacks: 1 unarmed, Low damage Combat Tactics: Low

The Light and Darkness (GM decides if it is magic, psionics, spirits, or other) depend on a number of acts the character must do to reach various tiers (ranks). Several minor acts gets to Tier 1 (such as giving to the poor), several major acts gets to Tier 2 (such as give all your possessions to a stranger), and several great acts gets to Tier 3 (such as selflessly putting yourself in harms' way). All that is for Light. Darkness acts are appropriately disturbing.

Each rank gives access to more powerful abilities (such as summonging Veil beasts).

The campain information gives Wisconnsin as an example setting, but the PDF also includes information on your own setting: "First look at what you know. What has changed? What beasts are around? What has the Veil changed?")

Note that the PDF is scanned jpegs, the size is 152 or more megabites and takes a good 20 minutes to download even on a T1 connection.

If this information grabs you, then this systemless setting of realism world view with elements of science fiction elements and Veil demons could provide years of campaigning.

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by Ashley D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/09/2009 06:29:14

This is a pretty interesting book, with lots of good ideas, let down by the awful construction of the PDF file. It uses pages saved as JPEGs instead of text which blows up the file size to over 150Mb and has no bookmarks. This makes it slow and unweildy to use on a netbook, which for a setting reference is rather poor. Having said that, the actual layout is fairly pleasant to read with a good smattering of nicely done line drawings. So why post this comment? In the hope that small press PDF only manufacturers will take note: there are lots of pdf tools out there, simply saving your work as low resolution jpegs and cobbling it together into a PDF is not making the most of your opportunity to sell an ebook. Not having bookmarks in an otherwise really really slow to page through book is inexcusable.

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