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The Spark
by Jason T. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 07/18/2010 19:18:06

Studio 407's The Spark is a solid, quintessential comic book offering.

Written by Martin Renard and featuring artwork by Nahuel Sagarnaga Cozman, The Spark introduces us to Lucas, a high-schooler with a lot on his plate. Just when school, work, and home life conspire to make him miserable, a strange phenomenon occurs in the sky bestowing Lucas with some odd abilities.

As it happens, a similar event occured 15 years prior known as "The Spark" which gave the world four super-powered denizens or "super heroes" in case you didn't see it coming. And unfortunately, the fates of those heroes did not end up well.

As three new heroes emerge in the wake of the latest "spark" Lucas sees the writing on the wall and tries to keep his powers a secret. But when aliens invade - not the nice, Reese's Pieces-eating ones, either - Lucas is faced with some tough choices regarding his future as well as the future of mankind.

This book isn't outstanding in any single area, but rather it's merely good in all areas, which is, after all, a recipe for success, albeit not a flashy one. The concept is fun and while it does nothing to reinvent the wheel, it does just enough to keep the pages turning. The artwork stays true to this motif as it isn't awe-inspiring, but it's good and more importantly, it's not distracting or disorientating.

Those involved in the creation of The Spark have obvious talent. They also have more potential than they have ambition. I look forward to seeing what they contribute to the comic book universe next. And until then, The Spark is a good way to kill some time on a rainy day.

[3 of 5 Stars!]
The Spark
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