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Amas and the toads
by Bob V. G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/26/2022 04:04:31

For the past few days, I have soloed my way through Amas and the Toads (32 pages). It is for any fantasy RPG system and I used D&D 3.5. I used the same five characters that I used with Murder at the Three Swords Inn. I soloed this with The FlexTale Adventuring Toolkit (612 pages). This adventure is a fun sandbox, and your characters have lots of choices to make on where to go and what to do.

Day 1 - So, the characters start the adventure riding in a carriage. Up ahead they see a carriage that has been stopped and a battle in progress. They jump into the fray and try to help Amas. Amas goes down and so does Xiuj the alchemist. The attackers leave and the adventuring party takes Amas and her maid back to their castle. The group spends the night there, but Amas does die during the night.

Day 2 – The group picks up a quest to find the murderer. They go back to the site where the carriage was attacked. They follow the clues to a dorb camp and keep an eye on it. When a man leaves there, they follow him and then confront him. It ends up that he (Edek) is the leader of the village of Pilton. They get a lot of information from him (he is a spy for the enemy), but then they are attacked by a group of dorbs. This time it is Xiuj and Ysabot the witch (see the attached image) who go down. They travel back to the castle to get healed and tell Dorbert what is going on. He starts to organize the local militia. The P.C.s go to Edek’s place to find that no one is there. They search it and find food, money, and a crystal ball. They spend the night there.

Day 3 – They hang around their new place and wait to see if it is attacked. They hear the sounds of battle and a bit later, the attacking leader Moraea gives her victory speech. The group stays in the house and eventually they have to talk to the Mouth of Moraea. He does have a name, but the group never uses it. They now receive a quest to escort a traveling circus from Montefton to Pilton. On the way to Montefton they run into a trickster. Later they arrive at the site of the entertainers and spend the night there.

Day 4 – Well, this ends up being a long day. They are attacked the first time by bandits. In Pilton they are attacked by Mouth and his two archers. As they try to sleep ( at their camp ), they are attacked by an Anvilwrought Raptor. They travel for one half of a mile, set up another camp, and then get some rest. I am sure your group will have a different experience when they try it. Good luck!

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Amas and the toads
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Creator Reply:
Wow, that's a great story that you created out of the material. Thank you for your kind review and how this might help other people to get an idea of what can be done. When I played it, it went a lot differently.
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