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Opus Magi: Quick Start
by Bob V. G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/20/2023 20:29:49

Opus Magi: Quick Start (60 pages) is a fun modern urban fantasy RPG. I did use the adventure that is included with it and the four pre-generated characters. To create my solo engine, I changed four lines in Conspiracy RPG. The adventure started with the four PCs performing as a band at a bar. After getting paid (not the full amount) Jewel is hit with a psychic attack. The PCs wanted answers and they are referred to another bar (The Pelican). They hired a taxi and arrived there. It was there that they received another lead which took them to Larissa’s place (an apartment).

At this location they are forced into combat with a wood golem. Jewel went into the kitchen, put Bacardi 151 (rum) in a pan, set it on fire, and attempted to dump it on the golem. Instead, she dumped it on herself and took fire damage. Larissa, who was damaged, managed to cast confuse on the golem and it wandered around in a circle in the living room which was now on fire. The wounded group left the building and Larissa’s level of the apartment was on fire. They went back to The Pelican to be healed, but Jewel was in bad shape and was left there to recover. She did call her sister Crystal. Crystal showed up in her car and took them to the next location: a gift shop. It was here that they received some “gifts” and information on the next location: an old mansion.

At this point, the PCs did buy a five gallon gas can (full) and 16 molotov cocktails. Next, they arrived at the old mansion. Terry and Jay went into werewolf mode. In the backyard the group ran into another wood golem. It was hit with a cocktail and freaked out. It wandered around in a circle until it died. The PCs entered the building from the back door. This put them in the kitchen and they destroyed the ritual objects that they found there. Upstairs they encountered the witch who had two hobgoblins with her. She cast a fireball and Terry took damage. The PCs charged the witch (large room). Crystal took a thrown knife to her back and she went down. Terry got hit with another fireball and went down. Jay hit the witch with his claws and she went down and one round later she was dead. At this point it was dawn. Their contacts informed them that the authorities are looking for them ( the PCs are now arson suspects). The five PCs leave town.

Give this a try!

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Opus Magi: Quick Start
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Creator Reply:
Hi, Bob V. G., thank you very much for the review! I'm amazed at the way your PC's approached this scenario, and the consequences. But, I shouldn't be surprised. As many times as I've run Cepheus Engine games and Opus Magi, it never turns out the same way twice. Glad you guys had fun!
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